Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Baby Shower on May 30

Today, lots of grown-ups had a party which was all about me before I was even born! My mommy was very happy that so many people close to her came to the shower. "Auntie and Uncle" Kate and Kyle Wade threw this awesome shower for me. My mommy thought it was a lot of fun and was glad that everyone enjoyed themselves so much. A lot of people commented on the great food and conversation at the shower.

Grandma and Grandpa Meyers, Uncle Mark, and Aunt Jennifer were there. I wish Grandma Lai, Aunt Joyce, and Uncle Kevin were there too but they live far away in California. They sent me lots of nice gifts to play with, though!

One of the funnest games was the one where the guests had to guess mommy and daddy's waist sizes.

Mommy's friend Leo from college guessed daddy's waist size almost exactly!

There were many guests at my party!

There were a lot of yummy desserts at the party but mommy could only have one mascarpone strawberry.

I also received lots of fun, cute gifts to play with and make me comfortable when I have to leave mommy's tummy!

Mommy and Daddy's friend Tze took a lot more great pictures of my party. You can see them on Flickr here.

I'm almost 38 weeks big!

Tomorrow I will be 38 weeks old! And I'm getting big, too. Last week on Monday the ultrasound tech measured me and said I was about 7 lbs. - that's 75 percentile!

I'm getting ready to face the big brave new world out there. But mommy says I have to stay here at least another week. She says I'm only "al dente" so far and wants me to be more cooked. It kind of worries me that she uses food metaphors when talking about me. :) My daddy says I have to stay at least another few days so that my birthday will be in July like his. They are so bossy already!

My 20-week Ultrasound

This is a picture of me at 20 weeks. I'm feeling pretty relaxed and happy right now. Oh, is that a piece of bacon I smell? Darn, it's just the umbilical cord!

This is a picture of my daddy. Do you see the resemblance?