Sunday, September 28, 2014

Adventure Time

We had a fun outing today. We started the day at Blueberry Hill with some breakfast. I thought Mommy's eyes were going to pop out with how much food came out on her plates!
We went to Odyssey Fun Farm. We went in the hay maze.
We took a spin on the cow ride.
We went in the corn bin. It was very dusty!
I liked making corn angels.
Alex and I bounced in the bounce house.
I loved going down the slide and went up and down about 10 times. Daddy says I look like a young Einstein with my hair flying behind me.
There was a petting zoo.
We went to Culver's for lunch. We took a picture by the Halloween scarecrow decoration outside the entrance.
I like taking selfies and experimenting with filters.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Red Lobster

For lunch today we went to my favorite restaurant: Red Lobster. I like watching the lobsters.


We had dinner in front of the TV on Thursday night. Afterwards, I made a face mask with my wipe cloth.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Johansen Farm

We have started our annual pumpkin farm visits. We started by going to Johansen farms. I had fun on the giant slide.

There was a corn maze that we went through about ten times until Mommy and Daddy were about to pass out...but Alex wanted to keep going!

Finally we took a break and went to catch the train ride. We took a selfie.
The farm was fun, but I think I like the other pumpkin farms better. On to more farms!

Karen's Birthday Party

On Saturday we went to celebrate Karen's birthday. We had yummy cupcakes.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Agatha's Birthday

My friend Agatha had her 4th birthday today. We jumped in the moon house for quite a while.
We participated in so many fun activities! One of them was playing painting with dyes in cream.
Next, we played pin the nose on Olaf, but I decided to pin it on myself first instead.
I pinned the nose on Olaf beneath his armpit! Hehe!
I hugged my favorite princess, Anna.
We took pictures with the other kids in front of the characters from Frozen.
Agatha's cake was awesome!
I got to see Agatha blow out her cake.
The cake was super yummy. I ate all the frosting!
There was a pull string pinata and we had fun pulling it apart.
It was a civilized free for all, gathering the candy.
Next, we made snow with cornstarch and shaving cream!

We bounced in the moon bounce house again.
Mommy asked for a picture of my friend Agatha and some of the other kids at the party, but of course I was the one looking away!

TV Time

Soccer Class

Mommy put me in a trial soccer class on Saturday. I had fun kicking the ball... and picking it up and carrying it!
After class, I got to play in the playroom for a little while.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Labor Day Lobster

On Monday, we went to Red Lobster for lunch. I touched a 3+ lb. lobster and shook claws with it.
I like making faces at the camera whenever Mommy tries to take pictures.