Sunday, March 23, 2014

Flower and Garden Show

Yesterday afternoon we got to go to Navy Pier with Mommy and Daddy and my friend Berkley and her parents. Berkley is almost 7 and she is the coolest big kid I know!

Berkley and I made wishes on pennies which we threw into a fountain.

There were lots of pretty flowers and plants there, which were alright, but I think Mommy enjoyed them more than I did.

We also saw cool outdoor furniture concepts, including this table with a built-in stream flowing through it and natural waterfall. Mommy observed that if the food wasn't clean, you could wash it right at the table!

There was a really cool bug exhibit. Daddy actually asked to hold a tarantula. It was a big giant spider! I didn't even want to touch it. 
But later I touched a cockroach...
...and held a worm in my palm. It squirmed in my palm. I like worms! 

After the show, we went to Mike Ditka's at Navy Pier. It was fun to hang out more with Berkley and we got to sit side by side. We took a selfie. Well, it was with assistance from Mommy, so maybe it wasn't a real selfie, but close enough.

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