Sunday, September 14, 2014

Agatha's Birthday

My friend Agatha had her 4th birthday today. We jumped in the moon house for quite a while.
We participated in so many fun activities! One of them was playing painting with dyes in cream.
Next, we played pin the nose on Olaf, but I decided to pin it on myself first instead.
I pinned the nose on Olaf beneath his armpit! Hehe!
I hugged my favorite princess, Anna.
We took pictures with the other kids in front of the characters from Frozen.
Agatha's cake was awesome!
I got to see Agatha blow out her cake.
The cake was super yummy. I ate all the frosting!
There was a pull string pinata and we had fun pulling it apart.
It was a civilized free for all, gathering the candy.
Next, we made snow with cornstarch and shaving cream!

We bounced in the moon bounce house again.
Mommy asked for a picture of my friend Agatha and some of the other kids at the party, but of course I was the one looking away!

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