Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ski Trip

We went to Devil's Head ski resort. I learned a lot from my lesson in the morning.
I was mad at Mommy for helping me on the magic carpet. She wouldn't listen about not following me.
I took my first grownup ski lift today!
I learned all about pizzas and french fries, to go slow and to go fast, from Mommy's ski school at home, During my morning lesson, I practiced it on the bunny hill. So I was now an expert on the green run.

When we caught up with Daddy again, we started throwing snowballs at him.
We had a more leisurely lunch than we expected at the restaurant at the resort. It took about one and a half hours to get our food, eat, and get our check processed.
We went back out on the slopes after lunch. It was really sunny.

Later in the afternoon, a beginner grownup skier crashed into me while I was lying down on the slope. Their ski glanced off my helmet. I wasn't hurt, but if I didn't have my helmet on, it would have been really bad. I'm going to wear a helmet every time I'm on the slope, because there are way too many out of control grownups out there.

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