Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Navy Pier Extravaganza

Yesterday Mommy and Daddy took me to Navy Pier and I hung out with my friend Ethan. I like driving the big red fire engine at the Children's Museum...
...and rescuing people because I am a brave firefighter!
Later on, I played in the baby and toddler room. I took out the babies who were taking a bath with rubber duckies and put them on the floor where they belong.
I got to build snowmen in the 'Snow Much Fun' exhibit...but mostly, I like insisting that other little girls and boys put on pieces of clothing.
Mommy and Daddy wonder why I like sitting in places that are too small for my tushie + size 4 diapers, like the ball bin below or the lego chair that Mommy builds for my 8 inch tall Elmo stuffed friend.
In the afternoon after lunch, we went to the Winter Wonderland at the other end of Navy Pier. I had never seen a ferris wheel before, so I pointed at it and looked for a long time.
There were many other cool indoor rides that were fascinating. One of my favorites spun people around in a circle really quickly. (See the blur in the picture?) They were screaming and were squished to one side of the cars, but they all seemed to be having fun. I wanted to jump the fence and ride, too. Daddy said that I was too small...but I'll be back soon. I saw a sign saying that if you're 36 inches tall, you can ride.

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